"Sometimes I wish I could call you up and just say “I’m sorry”, and maybe ask about your day, and hear about what you’re learning, and the new music you’ve found.. And maybe just be honest with how we are."

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Another step home


Ever since I’ve returned from the trail, I’ve been short tempered, easily angered, and apathetic. I just don’t care as much as I used to, and I find myself getting rid of things in my life that I once held onto. It’s strange, this new feeling of “I really don’t care any more.”

I may come off as a…

"It has to end like this.
The sun swallowing the world
we created and all of our moons
becoming so full on our promises,
we turn into monsters.
I swear I wanted to give you something
better than this.
I wanted to paint the sky you saw in me,
and I wanted it to be the color of you staying.
But you’re a paper kite disappearing
inside of a black hole,
and I can’t follow you into something
that won’t let me back out again."
- Y.Z, I can’t keep chasing you if it means leaving myself behind

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